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Sometimes business travellers don't know what available out there to make their travel more enjoyable, comfortable, easy and so on. Other times us travel agents aren't up to date with all that's on offer for you business travellers. I will be adding links of tools you might find useful when planning your journey. However, your input is always very much appreciated and will surely be appreciated by others.

> Major airlines now offer ONLINE CHECK-IN, which a) saves you time in a cue, b) allows you to choose your favourite seat when pre-assignment is not available for that flight (usually economy flights within Europe)

> LOUNGE PASS is useful when, travelling in economy class you have a longish transit in an airport. You don't need to fligh business, just buy a pass and spend that time in the business lounge connecting your pc or just relaxing.

> SEAT GURU helps you choose your favourite seat on board. When us travel agents open an aircraft seat map on our screen, the question always is: where would he like to sit? This will help you track down your favourite area and seat and either pre-assign it yourself by calling the airline reservations centre, or just asking your travel agent to do it for you.



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