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Most people think that business travellers only work for medium or big companies. Though probably a large part of business travellers do, there is a considerable amount of business ravellers who do not belong to this category. There are those who work for companies who only have a couple of employees that travel for business. There are self-employed consultants, advisors, teachers and doctors going to congresses and conferences, etc.

Travel agencies that specialize in business travel are only interested in the former category, while those pertaining to the latter are pretty much left to deal with their own travel plans, probably with the help of a standard travel agency that in most cases does not deliver a satisfactory service (it's not their fault, it's just not their type of business).

The latter category is what I refer to as Independent business travellers, simply because they are 'left on their own'. They don't have the 'protection' of a big company and a specialised business travel agency to help them deal with their specific travel needs. I know for a fact that many of them turn to standard travel agencies, and also know for a fact that in most cases they are deeply dissatisfied. But leisure travel and business travel are two very different things, and one really can't expect a leisure travel agent to know how to go about organising business travel.

What I would like to try to do with this blog is to help Independent Business Travellers to get closer to business travel as it really is, help to let them know more of what this world offers to them. Give advice, share my experience and, why not, get some advice and gain experience. The 'comment' option at the end of each post is there to be used, do make comments or even just ask questions.
Hopefully this experice will prove useful to the non-Independent Business Travellers too.


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