work: Happy Holidays?

Few colleagues in the office yesterday, thinking that most clients would be away as it's a bank holiday in Italy today... the country is out of money, few clients went on holiday; the result was madness. Never had such a hectic day.
Sent 3 off to Athens, wanting to go LH (Lufthansa) as usual, but managed to convince them to go AZ (Alitalia) instead, as i tend to do often... for €450 instead of €750, was an easy one after all.
3 off to Tel Aviv.
One off to some place in the Stetes called Louisville, again AZ (Alitalia) to ORD (Chigaco) then on to SDF (Louisville) with UA (United). Wanted to go on Sunday, but had him go on Saturday instead, saving him €1000, and giving him the chance to have a look round in Chicago for a day.
Another one wanting to go to New Zealand on Star Alliance... dreaded points everyone is after all the time... at least managed to convince him to go TH (Thai) instead of LH (Lufthansa) saving him €1000; he kept changing his mind, one day longer in MEL (Melbourne) on the way back, no sorry, an extra day in BKK (Bangkok) would be better, wanting to go through FRA (Frankfurt) on his way out, costing him €350 more than transiting in FCO (Rome) to save just two hours layover in BKK (Bangkok)... making his mind up in the end BLQ (Bologna) - FRA (Frankfurt) - BKK (Bangkok) - AKL (Aukland) - NSN (Nelson) -/stop CHC (Christchurch) - SYD (Sydney) -/stop MEL (Melbourne) -/stop BKK (Bangkok) - FCO (Rome) - BLQ (Bologna) ... would have cost him €500 less if he'd gone CX (Cathay Pacific) through HKG (Hong Kong) instead, but that's OneWorld, another alliance, different points.
A RTW (Round The World) ticket then came up, though the guy could not make up his mind, shall I got to TYO (Tokyo) or not? This one was pure alliance-points-madness. Again a StarAlliance fan needing to stop in Jakarta, then Singapore, then Melbourne, then Santiago in Chile, hopping round South America, then back home. There's a direct flight from Aukland to Santiago with LA (LAN Chile), would have ment a RTW ticket with OneWorld; but no... he'll be going MEL (Melbourne) - SYD (Sydney) - LAX (Los Angeles) - GRU (Sao Paulo) - SCL (Santiago), absolute madness... and costs him €2000 more. I guess that if it's the company paying, then who cares.
1 to BEG (Belgrade), with OS (Austrain Airlines) though AZ (Alitalia) was again cheaper.
3 to TLS (Toulouse) + hotel + car rental
4 to CDG (Paris) + car rental
1 to MAD (Madrid) + car rental
1 to ALG (Algiers)
2 to AMS (Amsterdam) + hotel + car rental
1 to HAM (Hamburg), with crossed tickest. A LH (Lufthansa) same day return ticket would have been €1400. Got her a return ticket from BLQ (Bologna) to HAM (Hamburg) via BRU (Brussels) on SN (Brussels Airlines... oh Sabena we miss you!), and a return ticket from HAM to BLQ via PRG (Prague) on OK (CSA Chech Airlines) for a bargain at €460 for both tickets. Uses the outbound of both tickets and dumps both returns in the bin.
1 to IST (Istanbul)
1 to PER (Perth) + car rental... then he decided not to drive. This was a SkyTeam fan, got him on AirFrance, which is fine as long as you travel economy, forget it for business class.
1 to SYD (Sydney), a not very convinced StarAlliance, got him on OS (Austrain Airlines) as LH (Lufthansa) was full, for a decend €1200, then wanted to to a day earlier, no OS flight that day, would have been ok on AF with his buddy, but no more seats... so a good TH (Thai) will get him there for even a little less.

That was my day, i was shattered by the end of it. Got back home, and a lovely Corona beer with the usual slice of lemon just did it for me.


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